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Try It

by Terrance Hill

Terrance Hill is an recording artist and writer that describes music as his heartbeat. Hill is also the president and founder of Double E TV to showcase new artists and spread the word of their music. As a founder and president of Glad Tidings Community Outreach, Hill looks to inspire the community with positivity and inspiration for all.

Terrence Hill gives ‘Try It’ music fans creatively free and specifically hip hop music. His soundscape is steeped in hip hop and rap. His instrumental performances meander in a way that feels like a freestyle or jam session, not unlike the way hip hop artists unexpectedly let their performances take on a mind of their own. There’s a certain realness to the sound and this gives it a level of personality and grit not often found in fully polished and compressed hip hop tracks.

With a surprisingly radio-ready timeframe and a clean professional finish to match, “Try It” feels much longer and more epic than its elements should allow. The soundtrack build alone showcases the producer’s creative direction in an intense and addictive way, offering absolute freedom of musical composition with an unstoppable force that is incredibly satisfying to build to.

The unexpected passion and character of the song, the performance of the lead vocalist, and indeed every performance involved in making it what it is. You can’t predict where the track will lead, but without question, you can sit in awe as it unfolds around you.

The second you hear the opening vocals that drive the song forward, you know it’s something fresh, distinctive. It has a strong identity and once you get involved, you follow the story line and you start to familiarize yourself with that hook and the underlying message of the song. The pace picks up, the tone is different from what came before, the lyric has some energy to its delivery and is filled with a deft word flow and an infectious level of confidence. Considering the importance of the goals, the ideas conveyed by the track, that motivational, uplifting energy that audiences often look for in music – this clear surge of confidence, brilliance and energy, does wonders for the overall impact of the track.

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