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More Than Friends

by Marc Haize

Marc Haynes Jr. was professionally known by his stage name ‘Marc Haize’. He is a recording artist, music producer and actor with aspirations to “inspire through art for people to have faith in themselves, live to their fullest potential, and to love fearlessly.” Marc was born in Detroit, MI but grew up with sort of a nomadic lifestyle and would often write because he had no one to talk to after moving so much.

“More Than Friends” is Marc’s latest release. Are you supposed to be with someone just because they “make you happy?” He wrote this song for his girlfriend who’s not his girlfriend in hopes that she’d stay a bit longer while he figures his life out. Women can be so impatient. He knows it’s cuffing season but right now he is putting himself first full-time. She loves 90’s R&B and bounces music so he figured she’d like it. We’ll see how it goes.

What’s special here is that the music really brings out a new edge and passion in the lead vocal performance of the singer. Fantastic to listen to, there are some real moments of loudness and power that fit perfectly with the overall vibe of the music. The melody of this track is really well integrated between the music; It brings out the best in the singer’s vocal performance, but it actually ties together all the separate elements of the song effectively – so the result is that every instrument, every riff, every lyric; It all drives the sound forward as a whole unit, making this a genuinely memorable track.

The music itself is fantastic, and the great character that comes from this particular fusion of instruments and elements is undeniably striking. The way this song is created is great. The images and ideas conjured up by the music and the specific lines used in the lyrics are intense. The song has the effect of feeling much more than just a piece of audio and it’s an incredible thing to experience.

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