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Velvet Sky

by Empty Machines

Glasgow’s sonic architects, Empty Machines, unveil their latest masterpiece, “Velvet Sky,” an exploration of alternative-rock, new wave, and gothgaze realms. Founded as a solo project by Thomas Crawford, Empty Machines evolved into a dynamic duo with the addition of vocalist Jodie Helena.

In their DIY home studio in Glasgow, Empty Machines crafts immersive soundscapes that defy genre boundaries. Following the success of their debut single, “Luna,” the band continues to captivate audiences with their cinematic wall of sound. “Velvet Sky” delves into darker themes, promising a sonic journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

As “Velvet Sky” graces streaming platforms on 15/12/23, listeners can expect a symphony of emotions, a testament to Empty Machines’ unique fusion of alternative, electronic, and ambient influences. Brace yourself for a sonic adventure through the “Velvet Sky,” where Empty Machines invites you to explore the depths of their musical universe.

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