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You Have The Key To Be Free

by Frank Poelman

Escape into the soulful realm of jazz and blues with Frank Poelman’s latest instrumental masterpiece, “You Have The Key To Be Free.” Crafted in December 2023, this musical journey takes form through the melodic dance of a Fender Strat and the harmonious tones of a Yamaha synth SY-99.

Hailing from Cebu in Philippines, Frank Poelman’s musical prowess shines in this bluesy composition. “You Have The Key To Be Free” isn’t just a song; it’s an invitation to liberate your senses through the language of music.

As the solos unfold, listeners are guided into a world where each note tells a story of musical liberation. With every strum and synth whisper, Frank Poelman unlocks the doors to a sonic sanctuary, reminding us that within the melodies, we hold the key to our own freedom.

Next Avenue Band - Cebu Philippines

Frank Poelman

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