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by Angie k Kenton

Step into the VIP zone with Angie K Kenton as she drops her latest reggaeton pop sensation, appropriately titled “VIP.” Hailing from the cultural hub of Brooklyn, NY, Angie K Kenton is not just an artist; she’s a force embodying the rich musical legacy of her family—the legendary “Los Kenton.”

A versatile artist, actress, and producer at Big Dream Music, Angie K Kenton is known for hits like “De Moda,” “Mienteme,” and “Dame Tu Novia.” Her newest single, “VIP,” introduces a fresh sound, a collaboration with Tercero, the talent behind Jowel y Randy, Alexis y Fido, and Brray.

Embracing her unique blend of Dembow, Reggaeton, and Urban Pop, Angie K Kenton’s “VIP” is a seven-track journey, exploring her distinctive “Loveaton” rhythm. From the heart of Orlando, FL, to the vibrant scenes of NYC and the Dominican Republic, Angie K Kenton invites you to experience the VIP treatment in her musical realm.

Angie k Kenton

Angie k Kenton

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