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Want You

by Chili

Chili’s next smash hit, “Want You,” is here, and it’s set to get you moving. American rapper and singer-songwriter Chilli offers a unique and appealing take on the genres of hip hop and R&B.

Chilli is more than just a musician; his fans see him as a kindred spirit and a storyteller whose music speaks to them. Chili’s powerful music attracts fans of various backgrounds thanks to his undying dedication to his art.

“Want You” is proof that Chilli can make music that moves people and sparks passion. Using heartfelt melodies and insightful words, Chilli takes us inside his head and heart, exposing both shared and personal experiences.

Tune in to the beats of “Want You,” and you’ll hear how Chilli has a knack for making songs that really hit home. Keep an eye on this up-and-comer as he makes his way in the music industry and leaves a lasting impression on listeners and peers.

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