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We’re All Gonna Get Funky Now

by Frank Poelman - Next Avenue Band

Frank Poelman and the Next Avenue Band invite you to explore fusion music with their song “We’re All Gonna Get Funky Now!” The blues, funk, and jazz all come together in perfect harmony on this energising track, which promises an unforgettable listening experience.

This funky gem is the product of Frank Poelman’s multifaceted talents as a musician and composer. The song, which was recorded on August 13 of 2023, blends elements from a variety of musical styles to create a soundscape that is both upbeat and appealing for dancing.

This song comes to life thanks to the great musicianship of the Next Avenue Band, led by Frank Poelman. Not only does the station air this groovy treat, but it also plays everything from soothing instrumentals to upbeat rock songs.

Allow yourself to get carried along by the infectious rhythm, and prepare to add “We’re All Gonna Get Funky Now” to your playlist.

Frank Poelman - Next Avenue Band

Frank Poelman - Next Avenue Band

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