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What Do I Want

by DragonWulf

“What Do I Want” is one of the greatest hits in Hip Hop/Rap music released this year, elaborating one of the greatest messages for you to prioritise happiness in life above all. The song begins with motivational words which make you believe that all these sayings about happiness are false, “it’s not about happiness, it’s about no lifes about working hard, study hard, make money, this and that… now I know it was bullshit.” DragonWulf starts a mindful delivery with some powerful words, and when the drums start he starts to sing the rap making you question various things of life. In the next verse, there are changes in the flow which adds more detail, make it more heartfelt and adds a determined feeling to the song.

Subsequently, the instrument adds a nice vibe to the song as its intro and along with that we can hear a robust beat in its background. When the Guitar riffs are high-end the power, it heightens the message of this incredible track. This music has its own power. Moreover, DragonWulf adds more strength with his vocals and shouts the lyrics straight to your mind, a great performance. Whenever life tries to knock you down this track will be there for you to remind you of who you are and regain your power. ” devil is next to me god is still there for me… I am the next to be king of the realm you see…” After listening to this remarkable track, you will be heavy on; “If you are not happy, you are not happy”

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