Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

Grab A Seat

by Austin Redmon

Today we are featuring Austin Redmon. He is a professional Singer/Songwriter. He is a vegan foodie. He is always mentioned about it on social media. He is a New York, NY native who will follow him on his journey to success and find out some amazing Vegan Eats.

Austin Redman is a self-made singer, songwriter and recording artist. Austin’s music, a talented singer and songwriter, is leaving the pack to create a completely original approach to contemporary R&B. and also his voice steals our hearts. Combining spirit, dance-pop and electronics with 90s classic R&B sounds, Austin’s music will appeal to standby fans such as Usher and Aaliyah, returning to the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

Listening to Austin’s music in a smooth, effortless voice is undeniably fun, and the authenticity of Austin’s lyrics makes his record more memorable. Dedicated to bringing real music back into the world of music, Austin, a trained dancer, actor, and sound engineer fills his heart with everything he does.

Austin Redman so excited to announce his new up and coming single and cover art “???? ? ????”. It’s been a long journey to get to this point. His voice is catchy and it can fascinate us. And also he has a good personality and he trusts himself. This music video will be a hit soon and we are waiting for that. as well he couldn’t be more excited this will be the first release through his record label ??????? ?????????????. he say,It wasn’t easy but he feels so blessed to say he built it from the ground up and it’s his. He always wants to thank God for getting him to this every moment without him this wouldn’t be possible. He worked so hard on this project, pushing himself vocally and sonically to a new level.

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