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What They Want From A NEGUS
I - AM - US

What They Want From A NEGUS

by I - AM - US

I – AM – US is a talented artist who was born and raised in Washington State, United States. Having a unique style of making music, I – AM – US possesses a great passion for hip hop, rap, R&B and trap styles of music. His latest release is titled as “What They Want From A NEGUS” and it is a four minutes and sixteen seconds music video. “What They Want From A NEGUS” consists of hip hop and rap styles of music and I – AM – US has made attempts to give the world something new and genuine to vibe with, through this amazing piece of work.

The song starts off in a much more unique way, letting the listeners get excited about the song. The vocals of the singer, which are almost powerful and strong, align with both the hip hop and rap music styles in a catchy way. Thus, the vocals indeed do an amazing job throughout the song. Especially the rap, which is extraordinary, is projected perfectly with the perfect voice of the singer. Moreover, the strum of beats which gets blended stunningly with the vocals, creates a nexus between the lyrics and the stream of music.

The lyrics of “What They Want From A NEGUS” should also be highly admired. The wordings are simple and very clear. Obviously, the listeners receive a message at the end of the song and as a matter of fact, it is true that this wonderful song is not just beautiful, but also very meaningful. The visuals incorporated from the beginning to the end of the song adds more beauty to the song. Every action and the movements performed by the artist further gives color to the song.

So, “What They Want From A NEGUS” is basically an ideal for the rap and hip hop lovers. Therefore, listen to this amazing production by I – AM – US now.



I - AM - US

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