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by The Cofields

“The Cofields” is a collaboration of ‘Calvin Cofield’ and his wife ‘Kimberly Rice Cofield’, predominantly experimenting music under the genres of Hip Hop, Rap and R&B.It’s no wrong to say that these two are a power couple since their love and faith for God and their love towards one another is beautifully showcased throughout their work.’Kimberly’ has a magnetic and charismatic personality which naturally  attracts and influences the audience through her powerful performances.Their latest release “Royalty” is a Christian hip hop song also known as gospel hip hop which is a truly inspirational song that addresses about the importance and need for national unity and harmony, and how the love and faith towards god paves the way for the ultimate happiness in humankind.

“God is our father and king that makes us Royalty,obey the words not your thirst that’s love and loyalty” This line basically sums up the song as it depicts that God’s teachings is about loving and being loyal towards the humankind and not being blinded by power hunger.As I think Royalty is a song that can be perceived as both a song about love for god and about societal concerns and problems.After doing some background research I figured out that the title of the song comes after Calvin’s and Kimberly’s daughter ,”Royalty Cofield”.Kimberly states in the song that how amazing it is to be a mother and how both of them have embraced parenthood with the blessings of God.

Calvin and Kimberly are both amazing vocalists and they have complementary styles along with their magnetic personalities.The song becomes extra special as it features Luke G,an award winning producer,singer,and songwriter who has produced multiple jingles on syndicated radio shows.In a nutshell, The Royalty song is a masterpiece of calling for all the nations to stand up as one and to put aside all the wrong doings and embrace righteousness.It’s fascinating to see how they have combined Hip Hop and Rap with Gospel with a hint of contemporary pop that all together creates a stunning piece of art that is inspires you in every possible way.


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