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What You Made Me ft Aleesia

by Deoxik

Deoxik, an EDM musician from Los Angeles, has just dropped a new single named “What You Made Me,” which features the vocals of Aleesia. The track, which features the soaring vocals of Aleesia, is now accessible on all major music streaming platforms.

The dance track “What You Created Me” will get you moving on the dance floor with its pulsating synths and catchy beats. With her fascinating vocals, Aleesia makes this track by Deoxik an absolute must-listen for fans of electronic dance music.

Deoxik’s original sound and skilled production have caused a stir in the electronic dance music community. He’s already established himself as a popular musician thanks to his presence on multiple streaming services, and “What You Made Me” will only help him further his reputation as a promising newcomer.

You should listen to “What You Made Me” by Deoxik if you enjoy electronic dance music and are seeking something new and intriguing.


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