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Diana Jaworowski, better known as OGDAIKA, is a product of undocumented immigrants from the melting pot of Brooklyn, New York. She is best recognized as a jack of all trades who is ultimately committed to music. Her past experiences as a ghostwriter, political activist, and working in local city government all while being a painter is just some of the things that contribute to her multi-disciplinary allure. Furthermore, with a Political Science degree under her belt, she truly brings something different to the table. OGDAIKA is a self-proclaimed “one-woman show” with a range of capabilities ranging from producing her own instrumentals, writing lyrics, and recording as well. Her motto is “I don’t make music, I am music” and takes immense pride in being a human music machine.

“WHO” is OGDAIKA’s latest release. When OGDAIKA raps, you listen not just because the soundtrack shows it that way, but because there is an urgency and realism in her voice; You believe these words, you will hear the passion, and the whole experience will feel like listening to an alternative hip-hop release that you have been missing for a long time. The hook of the song adds a hip hop element to the mix, creating a perfect melody that makes a powerful difference with the lyrics and enhances the overall effect of the track.

In every minute of the music, the sound is calm and soft and heavy, moving forward through the artist’s creative storyline with an electronic rock attitude and the underlying softness of hip-hop. What makes it interesting is the lyrics. The leading voice throughout the sample has a different level of desire and urgency, both in the performance and in the words chosen to express these ideas. Verbal, in most cases, speaks directly to someone in a way that is somewhat mesmerizing in the middle of softly describing images and a few main lines around you.

Lyrically you may dismiss the notion of enjoyment of the material, but in addition, the final moments of the lyrics touch on something darker and of considerable depth. come and enjoy, I invite to you listen to this song, and stay with OGDAIKA.

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