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J Booqii & Tay4DaWinn
J Booqii & Tay4DaWinn


by J Booqii & Tay4DaWinn

This latest song from J Booqii & Tay4DaWinn, titled “HotHead”, combines sincere feelings with smooth beats and lyrics. ‘HotHead’ has a subtly vibrant voice, a heavy but sweet melody and lyrics that can touch your heart. The song opens with a light, casual melody that draws you into a false sense of security. After a moment, the lyrics of the song will hit you like a ton of bricks.

J Booqii and Tay4DaWinn are Delaware-based hip-hop artists. A novice, but with great potential and great ears for beats, J Booqii is a great artist to look forward to in the near future. His music is fresh and innovative, and he quickly makes a name for himself in the hip-hop community. The voice is wonderfully presented with a powerful mix of both wet and dry signals that really allow you to focus on the lyrics. The singing is fast and the rhythm flows perfectly. The lyrics of this song are well written and tell a personal and relative story.

The vibration of this track perfectly interprets what came before as a follow-up. J Booqii is constantly bringing together elements that are now known to work well in rap and RnB. At the same time, the more you hear his works, the more you feel about that character, and the more likely you are to get closer to the writer’s mind and intellect. The melody here works very well as it lays the foundation for the gradual presentation of the lyrical overflow.

The track production is top notch, with a soft synthetic piano that carries the track and a drum beat that keeps your head up. The mixture is clean and balanced, allowing all the elements to shine.

If you are a hip hop fan, or you are looking for something new and fresh to listen to, J Booqii is a must try artist for you. “HotHead” is a great example of his skill and potential and will lift your head. So go ahead and listen to all his songs. You will not be disappointed.


J Booqii & Tay4DaWinn

J Booqii & Tay4DaWinn

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