Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Half a Date

“Wind” whispers through the keys of the piano, introducing you to the enchanting world of Half a Date. Based in the artistic heart of Belgium, Half a Date brings an unconventional blend of contemporary piano and new age sounds.

In their small home studio, Half a Date crafts music that transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly combining acoustic and electronic instruments. The result is a harmonious fusion, sometimes accompanied by vocals, creating a unique auditory experience.

Beyond the melodies, Half a Date’s music is often complemented by mesmerizing 3D art-drawn videos, adding a visual dimension to their sonic creations. Collaborative by nature, the name “Half a Date” suggests a rendezvous with other artists, contributing to the eclectic richness of their work.

Immerse yourself in the musical artistry of Half a Date, where every note of “Wind” invites you to experience a harmonious journey through contemporary and new age landscapes.

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