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When Mother Earth Forgets Our Name

by Frank Poelman

Experience the seismic resonance of “When Mother Earth Forgets Our Name” by the remarkable Frank Poelman. Hailing from the creative landscapes of Belgium, Frank Poelman takes you on a sonic journey through the realms of rock.

This composition isn’t merely a song; it’s a musical narrative echoing the sentiments of our planet. With guitar strings that reverberate like the heartbeat of Mother Earth, Frank Poelman crafts an anthem that speaks to the essence of our connection with the planet.

As the waves of rock cascade through each note, “When Mother Earth Forgets Our Name” becomes a melodic reminder to cherish and protect our planetary home. Poelman’s musical prowess creates an atmospheric blend, inviting listeners to reflect on their role in the symphony of nature. Join Frank Poelman on this rock odyssey that echoes the call of Mother Earth.

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