Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Depollock

Music can heal your pain, stress and also mental illness. Phoenix-based musician Depollock has a special power to touch listeners’ hearts through music. With a passion for music flowing through his veins from an early age, Depollock’s brilliant melody reveals a truly pure artist with the power to evoke a deep response to his soul-inspiring singing.

When it comes to his music, Depollock wants to create a feeling that you can’t feel anywhere else. Depollock isn’t an artist. Depollock is a movement.

Depollock’s passion for music began at an early age. His decision to pursue it professionally was motivated by his desire to help others use music in the same way that it had helped him throughout his life. In particular, he wanted to use his music to help those fighting mental illness. Surprising is the second step in Diplok’s journey to achieve this goal.

“Wondering” is a beautiful song, the melody and lyrics flow the moment you play it, so the feeling of the song is never left to the imagination – the feeling and devotion of the songwriting are clear, and Depollock’s voice is the meaning and depth of this kind of release It has the perfect tone and qualities to express with genuine passion.

The music surrounds you with an amazing rhythm and warmth and builds throughout the action. The hook is an incredibly memorable, simple but unquestionable earworm. What makes it especially well-crafted is that it blends beautifully with the rhythm of the music that accompanies the performance of these words. The concept of top and bottom, around and around exactly represents the hooks and instruments as the sound display progresses. It’s a minimalist approach, but the power of unifying this element drives the song and, as stated, makes it one that stays in your mind for a long time after listening.

The song has a dance and pop melody, no doubt – it’s a long-term memory to hear once, it’s a smooth and satisfying sound to hear twice. Depollock’s voice is amazing, it’s perfect for this kind of songwriting and sound, and “Wondering” comes as a tribute to the artist.

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