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A lot on my mind
Shep Drifter productions
Shep Drifter Productions

A Lot On My Mind

by Shep Drifter Productions


Shep/Drifter productions released his freshest single “A lot on my mind”, and the sound of this song is the nicest thing about it. It is a production that makes more space for drifters’ tongue-twisting performance. The lyrics of “A lot on my mind” play true to the identity created by the artist. The drums are robust, containing a stunning punch. Drifter proceeds to deliver impressive vocals, with a bite. Further, he employs a natural fast flow which is significant here, throughout the song. Sonically, the melody of “A lot on my mind” is quick-paced, with a touch of hip-hop music. Moreover, the sharp yet convinced vocals also deliver some refinement to the track. Things explode in the chorus, where Drifters’ epic cries and the music become highly more powerful. The delivery gives rise to the same level of enthusiasm as the instrumentals, and the lyrics are the same. The restrained lyricism boosts in complexity with the pace of the drums, and the sophisticated flare-ups of rap. The listeners will never know if it is the unique beat and fascinating melodies that are meant to be the priority of the track or the sensible lyrics, building significance that prevents them from getting distracted from the track. Drifter does on his new release what many can not do in this industry: express himself and his attitude completely and with excellent rap appeal.

Shep Drifter productions

Shep Drifter Productions

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