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World of Terror

by Parham Gharavaisi

To all those melodic metal and metalcore aficionados, Parham Gharavaisi’s new single “World of Terror” is an absolute must. The song will be on Gharavaisi’s upcoming album, “The Video Game Album,” which is scheduled for release on February 2, 2024; it was inspired by the iconic video game Deus Ex. American one-man band Gharavaisi plays in the subgenres of Gothic and Doom metal.

The song “World of Terror” is characterized by forceful vocals from Gharavaisi, pounding drumming, and ominous guitar chords. The official YouTube audio video does a great job at visualizing the song’s ominous mood and tense intensity. Fans of Gharavaisi can’t wait for the album to drop so they can hear what other video games served as inspiration for the musician. If you’re interested in keeping up with Parham Gharavaisi, he tweets under the handle @dark_reav3r.

Parham Gharavaisi

Parham Gharavaisi

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