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Worlds Inside Worlds

by Djime

Seattle’s avant-garde electronic artist, Djime, invites you into a mesmerizing auditory journey with their latest creation, “Worlds Inside Worlds.” As a non-binary trans femme, Djime infuses their music with an enigmatic blend of electronic, experimental, and avant-garde elements.

From the heart of Seattle, Djime emerges as a visionary in the experimental electronic scene. Their album “Samples” is a testament to the vast influences that shape their sound—dub, IDM, techno, industrial, progressive rock, jazz, hip-hop, and breakbeat. With “Worlds Inside Worlds,” Djime’s sonic alchemy transcends conventional boundaries, creating a unique tapestry that defies genre norms.

Step into Djime’s world, where every beat is a brushstroke, and every note is a stroke of genius. The experimental landscape of “Worlds Inside Worlds” beckons, inviting listeners to explore the uncharted realms of electronic music.

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