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Y Aun Despues

by Riser

Riser is back with his newest release “Y Aun Despues” showcasing a top-rated aspect in his musical journey. This heartfelt single is created with its own kind of dim yet smoothly flawed way, and stylistically to compose a pleasantly refreshing song. While the song appears to be quite blue, the lyrics to Y Aun Despues radiate a reassuring and comfortable feeling. The way the artist communicates with his listeners through this song sifts deep into the great connection he has with those who support him. The vocal parts littered throughout can easily keep up the spirit of the track without losing the passionate emotions present in the lyrics.

The stunning piano sound prevalent on “Y Aun Despues” brings back the nostalgia, particularly even if you are not familiar with the language you will find yourself attached to the song while listening to it quietly with thousands of memories of your own. Subsequently, the repetitive beating synths transform the song into something more suitable for the newer era. The hook to “Y Aun Despues” is gentle and relaxed, yet the lyrical content makes it all the more impactful. Overall, “Y Aun Despues” shines in Riser’s darker, emotional song when pensiveness tinges the voice and the piano synths are washed in serenity. Risers’ vocals make for an all-around, well-rounded track, and it just keeps getting better with every listen!

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