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Nothing Less than You
Wasabi Jones
Wasabi Jones

Nothing Less than You

by Wasabi Jones

“Nothing less” is a 3 minutes 14 seconds music video released by one of the talented artists Wasabi Jones. Wasabi Jones was born in the United States of America. Rock and Pop are the music styles that he is keen on when considering his music field. The song “Nothing less” comes in the rock style of music while mixing with the inspiring vocals of the singer. Thus, the delicate vocals of the singer work in tandem with each repeated beat. It is indeed true that this song gives the listeners a kind of an energetic feeling which is stimulated from the very beginning to the very end of the song.
The song actually starts with a set of beats that are featured by some enhancing musical instruments. It has created a very unique innovative blast of vibrancy which attracts the audience from the initial point itself. Further, the actions performed throughout the music video also contribute immensely to make this song catchier and more enticing. The backdrops used also are vivid and colorful enough to capture your attention. Thus it is indeed true that this music video is an expertly recorded visual.
When considering the vocals done by the singer, anybody who listens to this music piece would definitely say that the voice perfectly matches with the lyrics. The taste for rock music is embedded in the addictive melodies and the vocals too. Indeed the lyrics which contribute to passionate shifts arouse the feelings of the listeners. These passionate shifts create a unique vibe when listening. So, “Nothing Less” is a music video with a set of distinctive sounds which are layered into a relentless beat. You will surely have on repeat for its attributes of explicit lyrics, innovative composition, and iconic melody.

Wasabi Jones

Wasabi Jones

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