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Who You Wit

by Yv or sweulo

Yv or Sweulo can be recognized as one of the most gifted musicians who showcases his mastery in music, particularly with his remarkable rapping style. In Yv’s newest single “Who you wit” the artist flexes his talent in rapping with his stunning vocal tone. The colourful production and the melodic rhymes remain firmly planted in a style listeners would deem to listen. The way the artist unveils the song is ultimately pretty tremendous. Throughout the song, Sweulocan drops some noteworthy lyrics that would certainly grab the listeners spotlight.

When focusing on Yv’s vocals, he is flying high as he perpetually does. Through this song, the artist speaks for many with a sharp message in a subtle way. Across the board, “Who you wit” is fresh in every aspect. This amazing track is promising as to keep Yv at the lead of the game with his unfailing style hitting it once again. Further, “Who you wit” provides the audience with a great sense of motivation and happiness in an addictive way. This incredible track appears to be a track to keep the listeners waiting for his upcoming music. Ultimately, “Who you wit” is a moderately interesting song anyone who is in search of enjoyable music can dive into.

Yv or Sweulo

Yv or sweulo

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