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7 Special People

by Purple Penchant

Purple Penchant is Delhi, India based Rock Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. His flow and creativity set him apart from competition. Purple Penchant was born in Delhi, India. About the song: 23rd February, 2020. Communal clashes erupted in the north-east area of India’s capital in the backdrop of months-long protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and the government’s threat of coupling it with a pan India National Registry for Citizens (NRC). Senior leaders of the central government made provocative statements; declaring the protesters anti-national, and leading slogans calling for them to be shot. A prominent BJP leader demanded that the police remove the anti-CAA protestors in Jafrabad, an area in North-east Delhi, failing which he would take matters into his own hands. Hours later, while US President Donald Trump was touring India, deadly communal clashes engulfed the capital. The riots lasted 3 days, officially killing 53 people, injuring over 200, and ripping apart communities who had lived alongside each other for decades.Against the backdrop of these riots, there were stories of courage, empathy, and hope. While our political leaders failed us, stories emerged of individuals from both communities rallying to help their neighbours, to save lives, and to stand up to communal hatred and division. 7 Special People is a tribute to these people and to the people of Delhi.About the music: Inspired by songs such as Porcupine Tree’s Sound of Muzak, or Sting’s 7 Days, where the song can be as easily identified from the drum part as it can be from the vocal melody, 7 Special People begins with a linear drum groove in 7/4, written by drummer and composer Avik Roy. The song’s structure follows a traditional verse, pre-chorus and chorus format, with 2 solo interludes between the first chorus and the second verse and at the beginning of the outro respectively. Bhanu Sharma delivers the political commentary of this song with his distinct, powerful vocals, while also laying down a smooth bass line giving the song a solid foundation. The guitars have been laid down by Serbian guitarist, Misa Marjanov. A jazz guitar prodigy, Marjanov plays with a number of bands in Serbia and Hungary and has even worked on an album with renowned writer, producer and arranger, Richard Evans. Marjanov seeks to tell a story within his solos, writing catchy melodic hooks in between heavy rock riffs. Roy has played acoustic guitar and keys, adding to the tracks depth and fullness.
Seven special people are strange
Seven special people can change
One can pull down the grey skies
One can climb up a high rise
Two can break down the walls
Three can make it a sunny day

Purple Penchant

Purple Penchant

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