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4 A 5

by Fee Nutty feat Tsg Jacc

Get ready to groove to the infectious beats of “4 A 5” by Fee Nutty featuring Tsg Jacc, a hip-hop sensation hailing from the vibrant streets of North Fresno, California.

Fee Nutty and Tsg Jacc, both emerging artists, bring their unique flair to the rap game with this dynamic collaboration. With catchy hooks and slick verses, “4 A 5” is sure to get heads nodding and feet tapping.

Born and bred in North Fresno, Fee Nutty and Tsg Jacc draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of their surroundings, infusing their music with authenticity and raw energy.

“4 A 5” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of talent and creativity flourishing in the heart of California. So turn up the volume and let Fee Nutty and Tsg Jacc take you on a musical journey through the streets of North Fresno.


Fee Nutty feat Tsg Jacc

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