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Don’t Know Her Name

by Jace Metz

Rock/pop music is all about passionate guitar parts, breathtaking drumming and deep clear vocals. If an artist can make songs with the above qualities fans will adore them. “Jace Metz” is such an artist from Long Beach CA who is passionate about the music he makes and puts his heart and soul into creating awesome songs with an authentic rock vibe. “Don’t Know Her Name” is the latest single from him, a track that was made more beautiful thanks to the rock vibe. I’m sure the message will be loud and clear that he is an artist you should look out for when you listen to this track.

Complemented by meaningful and poetic lyrics, “Don’t Know Her Name” is indeed a blend of pop and Rock genres. When you listen to this song for the first time, you can grasp the meaning of this track.

“Jace Metz” is a truly talented artist focusing on the international music scene with unique compositions. While the guitar tones, drumbeats and other music stand out, the vocals are unique. So I invite you to listen to this amazing track, you all will like this.

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