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All We Know

by DJ Soler

DJ Soler, is constantly pushing the creative boundaries of electronic music production, and now he makes remix for “All we know” originally by Chainsmokers. More than three minutes long, this release has an immaculate and fascinating glow that will captivate you from the very beginning. The cascading keys of nostalgic tones combine a mixture of familiarity and exploration to create a wave of unmistakable but fading emotions.

DJ Soler is a music artist from San Francisco, CA, who creates melodic techno. The sounds of nature create his melody. DJ Solar’s music is emotional and transportable and quickly draws attention in the field of electronic music. His unique voice is a breath of fresh air, and his ability to create such beautiful and moving music is truly remarkable.

A remix can give a new life and energy to a song. If that song is already a beautiful one, make it even more beautiful. If you are a fan of electronic music this is the track you will love. It had a dance rhythm and the energy we were looking for in every electronic, indie, pop song. Since the original song is already popular, this amazing remix adds another layer of positive energy and a good vibe so we can enjoy it to the fullest.

The opening synths have a classic science fiction vibe, complementing and enriching the journey of chronological melody in a way that immediately captivates you. The layers are finely connected across the track, from delicacy the structure keeps things moving continually.

Overall, getting lost in electronic music is incredibly easy. Awesome product with a romantic and attractive soundtrack. Can’t wait to see what DJ Soler has to offer next!

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