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Ton ami

by Karaka

Karaka’s Ton ami is a french song , which is out and out a combination of R&B and Rap. From the littlest knowledge that I have in French , “ Ton ami” is a romantic or a love song as we call it. Speaking of love, is there any language which could provide justice to love that would be french. Tinge of magic and sexiness on the edges of French will always make your heart melt. Hence, the song has its own charisma.

And not to forget Karaka is French,himself. You could see him being extremely comfortable in his own language and definitely without a care about the world , pours his heart out. Truly admirable for a novice like him. He shows full confidence throughout his flawless Rap portion , which is the highlight for me. Karaka’s confidence gets ten outof ten.

Some deep research reveals Karaka is indeed a Rap artist.Hence, the conclusions drawn upon were spot on. It appears he enjoys rapping for R&B & Trap and Hip hop mainly. Although I am not a very great fan of Rap , Karaka’s French Rap got me glued to the screen or could it be that he looks attractive.

He is young,energetic and has plenty of time ahead to master the craft for him to be a niche. This is just the beginning mate , choose the music wisely to blend your flawless rapping . You’ve got a long journey to go. Best of luck Karaka ! You are one of a kind.

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