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KLK Tu Dice
General Tapia
General Tapia

KLK Tu Dice

by General Tapia

The Rap version on KLK Tu Dice by General Tapia proves his mettle and passion for Rap and Hip Hop music with right amounts. Raised in Bronx, New York the influence over the genre could be clearly seen. That too in a heavy dose.

Besides the upbringing in the Bronx,General Tapia is of Puerto Rican and Dominican respectively through his mother and father. Which explains the love for Spanish and Spanglish song writing,Rapping and music production.Hence,a Spanglish artist on its way up.

He has some credible line of work behind excluding the latest addition “KLK Tu Dice” if you love listening to Latin Rap and Hip Hop , he could be the new exploration. Moving towards the song “KLK Tu Dice” the
heavy Latin Rap is so in sync with the groovey Hip Hop beats even though you don’t understand a zilch in Latin. You could feel the artist pouring his heart out.

A fusion of his origin and upbringing would be the best possible way to define the artist General Tapia’s
Music. Perhaps the desire to voice out his inner self , trauma and pain to the world, might be the innate reason behind him becoming an artist. An artist who is trying to be true to his own roots. Somewhere awaiting the validation or not. Well these are my exact thoughts, and no one else should be blamed.

Before winding up , decided to add up on thesebits as well. I personally think a Rap artist is a lot more focused than any other artist because here the heavyweight is upon the words.General Tapia clearly understands the job. A Spanglish Rapper has arrived to conquer the world of music. Good Luck !

General Tapia

General Tapia

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