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Alwayz Talkin

by Finisher DG

A new rap/hip-hop tune titled “Alwayz Talkin” was created by 23Madeit and features Finisher DG, the most underrated talent from Michigan. With a catchy tune and a slick flow, Finisher DG raps honestly about the individuals in his life who never stop talking but never seem to say anything of substance.

The song “Alwayz Talkin” showcases Finisher DG’s storytelling skills and musical prowess. He stands out from the rest of the hip-hop scene thanks to his distinctive sound and delivery.

Finisher DG has a dedicated fan base and has been active in the music industry for quite some time, despite his relatively modest profile. His fans may routinely find him online and interacting with him. You can listen to his new song “Alwayz Talkin” on YouTube and keep up with him on social media by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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