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You’re Gone

by RonMivida

Embark on a sonic adventure with Ronmivida, the German American music producer making waves in the realms of EDM and house music. Hailing from the enchanting Bali Island, Ronmivida brings a unique blend of beats that transcend boundaries.

In 2022, Ronmivida unveiled his debut single “Boy,” propelling his artistry to new heights. As the founder of Rmusicproductions, he transforms EDM and dance music visions into vibrant reality.

Now, with “You’re Gone,” Ronmivisa not only delivers an EDM masterpiece but also crafts a visual story of heartbreak and healing. The music video beautifully captures the theme, blending dark and vibrant scenes with powerful dance sequences. Join Ronmivida on this emotional journey – where heartbreak meets hope, and strength intertwines with melody.

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