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“DERI DAKO” has created an all-around masterpiece with this “ATAXIA” release. The producer moves away from a deeply expressive path – layered with classic synths and riffs, creating a dreamy, electronic-soaked and epic soundscape around you instead.

In recent years, there has been an influx of migrants seeking asylum in Europe. Today these people are fleeing wars or dictatorships. Tomorrow, their migratory movements will also be dictated by climate change. By the end of this century, rising temperatures will force hundreds of millions of people to migrate north. A significant climate migration crisis is unfolding before our eyes.

In today’s Europe, population succession movements, often poorly managed by states, are a communication weapon for far-right parties. The music video is directly inspired by the present and imagines a dark future.

The fullness of the sound means that it has a naturally busy atmosphere, with many details gathered in one place, creating an unexpected calm. This is where your thoughts run free, and your mind wanders to the rhythm of whatever beats you. So the first time you listen, sometimes the melody takes you away, and the second time – sometimes it’s those distant synth notes. There seems to be an infinite number of ways to experience the song, and in any case – you’re likely to see and appreciate the depth of musicality and the sheer artistry of the whole journey.

“ATAXIA” is an incredible track. Rather than a simple piece of music with a predictable set-up, the track veers off into its own unexpected paths, feeling partly inspired by the weekend’s passionate meandering melodies, partly experimental, from the hands of a well-seasoned. And a talented producer. Balance is powerful, and at no point does quality take away. On the contrary, everything that flows from the moment you press play compliments everything else around it. There’s a slight warmth to it, but at the same time, there’s something much more electronic or EDM about the soundscape and energy. The track becomes more effective each and every time it reappears in your playlist. There’s something notably unique and incredibly emotional about the music of “ATAXIA” as well.

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