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Monster Mash

by Trap Ghoul

Trap Ghoul is a talented artist from Orlando, FL. His “Monster Mash” is the story of an addict/alcoholic struggling to deal with the harsh reality of life. Pain and sorrow of the past have wounded his heart. He’s become a monster through the struggle of dealing with addiction and depression. He has a villainous nature that is only exacerbated through drugs and alcohol. The only time he finds peace is by making music that somehow helps deal with his world of darkness. He paints his face to hide the shame of looking in the mirror to see his failing and regretful self. Enter the world of Trap Ghoul and become a monster because anything else is just too boring and mediocre.

You need only the music, that signature characteristic, and an insanely captivating build-up to make it compelling and memorable – Spell Code has encapsulated all of this and has done so in a highly-skilled, high-caliber manner.

The official release in less than a few minutes will make you crave it all night long. Music is meant to generate its audience and it achieves exactly that. There’s a certain level of variation within the walls of the track, enough to follow the ride and pull you further into the eye of the storm as things progress, but for the most part, you’re familiar with the spec. More noise than experience. This sound has a certain sense of character, which is not easy to achieve, especially with instrumental music.

All of Trap Ghoul’s recordings are generally awesome and creative, so what you get is a short burst of creative genius – an instant burst of energy and volume. His passion for music and the weight of distortion are on display throughout. The selected notes on this particular release all fall within a certain spectrum, but if you listen carefully to the two contrasting parts – the mood goes from quite upbeat to quite dark in a very short period of time. Performance is directly affected by how it is received.

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