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No More Dreaming


This season, RONA MAIRI’s comeback delivers the soothing, acoustic and poetic synth-pop ballad, “No More Dreaming,” which highlights the singer’s delightful natural talent and passion for performance in a beautifully pure way.

RONA MAIRI is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland known for powerful vocals combined with unique dreamlike production. “No More Dreaming” is a dreamy synth-pop ballad by RONA MAIRI. Ironically, the soothing melody of the chorus lulls you into a light-hearted childish state and the piercing lyrics are a call to action.

“No More Dreaming” has a wonderful musical arrangement. Warmth and guitar riffs perfectly complement RONA MAIRI’s lead vocals. Her vocals as well as the premise and melody of the song undoubtedly carry this piece forward. The voice has a particular delicacy to it, yet this isn’t in the face of genuine emotion as the topic and its subtleties flow through.

Sometimes there is something inherently familiar and therefore reassuring about the opening melody and riff – nothing comes to mind. It’s simply a well-written song that can easily connect and entertain a large audience. The beauty of this piece is that it lets you see the breadth of RONA MAIRI’s creative reach. While there is no clear genre tag or label to limit her work, her work is driven by the strength of the songwriting and the unwavering, beautiful, unique vocals.

The music that supports the song and its underlying emotions is also very finely crafted. So, what begins as a great acoustic composition — beneath the artist’s visual strengths as a soloist — quickly turns into a multi-layered synth-pop ballad.

RONA MAIRI’s vocals and every other emotion and harmony meet the bar flawlessly as the tune grows heavier and brighter. As the song progresses, you can quickly sink into its building warmth. With its blend of synth and pop and familiar but cleverly executed premise, “No More Dreaming” is an easy hit, entertaining and slightly nostalgic. RONA has a catchy and assured way of performance and invention, and this song is a great tribute to that.

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