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Ba Sh!t

by Z676

In a period where many of Z676’s contemporaries have fallen by the wayside, the artist remains a constant. In 2021, Z676’s released “LPTSD ” finding its place within his audience’s psyche. Once again Z676 has managed to retain his artistry by remaining true to his rare talent in music. “Ba sh!it” is one of Z676’s finest songs so far. It is lyrically clever and captivating. Accordingly, the production is more than thrilling, it is a true reflection of what Z676 does so very well, outstanding songwriting that also heightened up great mastery.

A battering beat and a rigid melody demonstrate the Z676’s proficiency to convert shortly across to an athletic side whilst Butterflies gets the listeners back down to reality, not so much with a collision but more of a modest step. “Ba sh!it” is another smashing track, with an extremely energetic vibe and surely captivates listeners’ minds, making Z676 an unforgettable artist for sure. The intriguing bassline, the great video deliver a noteworthy tale and it is clearly recommended to watch. Its lines are realistic and mind-blowing over a stunning melody. Overall “Ba sh!t” is sonically great. The track ends making the artist one of the most promising artists in the era. Its excitement and composition are completely contentment to the ear. “Ba sh!it” is a track that will sound nice when you listen to it from your phone speaker, but definitely sounds incredible if you listen to it using a pair of headphones or an amplifier.

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