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Bad Love

by Nate Harlan

Nate Harlan is a talented artist who was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. To be specific, he is actually a recording artist and his productions constitute Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap. Nate Harlan has been honing his skills as a Pop/ R&B vocalist for the past several years. His theatrical background through attending a performing arts high school in Las Vegas is what molded him into the passionate artist he is today. Harlan was a member of an R&B group called “The YRS”. At the moment he is a solo artist who is making attempts to build his own empire.

Nate Harlan released his latest single titled “Bad Love”. It is a two minutes and thirty-nine seconds audio portrayal. The track starts with a soothing and captivating stream of sounds while making the listeners get immersed into the track from the beginning itself. Within a few seconds, the vocals of the singer are projected and they are very clear and work in tandem with the strum of beats of the song. Thus the vocals harmonize perfectly. Some interesting sound designs are going on in the track from the beginning to the very end. They are layered into a relentless beat. So we find a variety of styles of music within the harder genres.

This music piece is really a commanding track and it has a breathtaking soundscape as it features enhancing instruments. Indeed “Bad Love” takes you out to another world full of passion and feelings. The lyrics are even more amazing for they consist of meaningful and thoughtful words. Thus the lyrics are addictive and they elevate the vocal lines of the song. So, “Bad Love” is an awesome track produced by Nate Harlan.

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Nate Harlan

Nate Harlan

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