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The Deep End

by Jeremy Elliot

Music is a universal language. Making music for healing is a great idea. When Jeremy Elliott took to the streets of New York City at the age of 13, he knew this was his purpose in this world. His years of playing around the New York rock club scene and cultivating his songwriting led him to move to Los Angeles in the early twenties.

A few days after arriving on the West Coast, his next chapter begins with a chance encounter with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, one of the world’s greatest producers and songwriters. Jeremy, who lived 3,000 miles from home, in a trailer in Venice with a guitar and a heartbeat behind him, began a new phase in his healing and musical journey.

Over the next few years, Elliott would compose songs for Troy Songs, Matt Nathanson and Justin Bieber. the second on his multi-platinum album, Purpose, giving Elliott a Grammy nomination. In the meantime, Elliott, with the help of Poo Bear, developed a one-of-a-kind sound as a solo artist, eventually adding producers such as DannyBoyStyles (The Weeknd, Beyoncé) and JohnG (E-40, Sean Paul). To guide him as he formulates his artistic vision. Now, returning to his original call as a solo artist, Jeremy is set to release part 1 of his groundbreaking debut album. Are you ready to be a part of healing?

“The Deep End” is Jeremy Elliott’s first solo. This song begins with a beautiful guitar play. This rock song is a mixup of Ait Rock and Pop Rock. With this lush symphonic arrangement and beautifully layered vocal harmonies, the tune is one of the most adventurous rock songs to come across this desk in some time. It is completely satisfying and a lot of fun. This track talks about jumping into the music world on his journey to becoming a full-time artist. Listen to this track on Spotify and if you want to be someone, I think this story will motivate you. And his music will put you in a positive mood and a good vibe. Also, rock music is an addiction, trust me.

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