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Barra Librë

by Othrsyde


OthrsydeBorn in Los Angeles, Othrsyde is committed to creating and advancing art freely. “New decade, new sounds”. Undeterred by any genre, he uses music and the performing arts to express himself and take risks.

Barra Librë was born from Los Angeles born Cuban/Mexican artist OTHRSYDE. Although English is his first language, he’s always been rooted deeper in his Hispanic background. He wants to be an artist that represents the Hispanic community in the states. Barra Librë represents that so well with its “Spanglish” lyrics, Mexican slang & electronic synths. Inspired by the story of being in love with a girl in “nightlife” that he would only see at the end of every night when he was drunk, the lyrics explain these nights in detail & the sexual driven relationship they had. This song was completed with time & detailed care, taking 3 years to write, rewrite & reproduce to protect over the years. Collaborating with 2 writers from Sinaloa & 3 producers from right here in LA. This song brings something for people all over the world & we expect it to be nothing less than global.

“Barra Librë” is the brand new track from artist Othrsyde to all the audience out there. Right from the offset, fans of old-school Latin and hip-hop are likely to get a great sense of electronic synths from this track, as well as something brand new to be swept away by.

Although the track has a very classic feel to it – the nostalgia we all crave – there’s so much new about it, it’s something that speaks volumes. It’s the kind of track that will set you in the right mood for the right time, at the right time. Some of those retro synthetic sounds are then really effective in this setting.

His creativity has that wonderful freedom that we often talk about. Defined by musical walls in any genre or otherwise, not limited to anything. As mentioned, the possibilities are endless. He’s definitely worth a look – especially if you’re an artist, songwriter or singer, looking for fresh, innovative and powerful soundtracks. Even if you are a big music lover. Immerse yourself in the sound of the instrument. Get rid of your reality for a while. Your time is worth it.


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