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The Excision

by Ashtiani

AshtianiAnother amazing creation, which will tell you the beauty of Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock, Metal music. Ashtiani is a unique modern solo guitarist and producer that offers a different take on modern instrumental guitar. From an early age, Cyamak Ashtiani has enjoyed creating music and sharing it with fans and people around the world. He is from Los Angeles, California, and ‘Devil of the United States’ is his latest album.

Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock, genres always lead him to a different but unique path in his music field. “Ashtiani” gives without a doubt the best of all. “Ashtiani” is a solo artist with a unique talent for focusing on the international music scene with his unique musical creations. His guitar tones, drums and other music are great.

“The Excision (Surgical), Pt. 2” brings with a deep melody, and a unique vibe with the music, “Ashtiani” brings real power to the metal tracks with a more unique touch. Kicking in a calm tone at the beginning will first immerse our hearts with the track, then he will release the beat into a different path full of energy and this will give you a more positive vibe with a great flow.

“The Excision (Surgical), Pt. 2” Production, Performance – There is a chemical balance of desire and precision that allows this individual to combine natural warmth and uplifting energy. In short, it’s a brilliant cover, complete with cascading guitar tunes and a full throttle organic rock setting, to a crisp and contemporary standard. Give it a high flow and see if you don’t feel refreshed instantly.

‘Ashtiani’ tries to combine everything in an authentic pattern to make this amazing track beautiful and elegant. This is unbelievably brilliant and you have to have a sensitive ear to catch these different tones and tunes, but if you really want to get rid of your thoughts, this track is also a fantastic design for it. We hope that ‘Ashtiani’ will soon bring more amazing music to his audience and stay tuned to see his future work as well.

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