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Being Humble

by J'Moris

Being Humble by J’Moris who hails from Hillsboro Texas is a Rapper and in his own words is a storyteller too. However, the beauty of “ Being Humble” is not just about the Rap.The beauty lies in the elements of
R&B & Trap and Hip Hop which adds up more color to the song.

If you paid close attention , the meaning of the song could be interpreted in this way too. It’s a conversation happening between two people which is sort of clear to everybody including me.
However, the tricky part comes next.My own narrative. The conflict is around a self centered , Judgemental and egotistical person and a person who is the exact opposite. I am pretty sure you know how consuming it is to be with someone who refuses to see things from someone else’s perspective. And expecting them to be a bit understanding is next to’s always about them. The world revolves around them and it has to be. Hence, the frustration coming straight out of his mind.

The Rap is a creatively woven story, fluid and flowing. J’Moris proves his storytelling abilities in such a short span of time. I meant the duration of the song. And not to forget the lyrics by J’Moris is a reflection of his own street philosophy ,overpulsing downtempo Rap beats.Incredible Isn’t it ? You better listen to the song with your ears wide open and also with your mind wide open too. Believe me , you won’t regret it.

J’Moris is a great delight to listen to. You will be bowled by his authenticity and passion for music and life in general. So grab your phone and listen to J’Moris.

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