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In My Room
Zach Peccio
Zach Peccio

In My Room

by Zach Peccio

In My Room by Zach Peccio is of a Pop song infused with flavors of Latin music. Well, the last bit of course was my own conclusion but In My Room definitely is a Pop song. Zach , is raw, unfiltered and least bothered about the worldly views. Perhaps being born in the United States and its culture must have had its impact of free flowing self expression which is quite evident , given his choice of songs which had been released by far.

Zach from the looks appears to be an absurd artist. However, I think he has much depth which he tries to conceal often by appearing absurd. No amount of concealer could hinder the true self as you could see nuances of his depths coming out without him realizing .

In My Room is all about a fantasy of his own desires which are running too high over every fiber of his heart and even his mind too.The desires now have absolutely taken control of his mind and he is exploding in any minute. The desires are primal to each and every living creature on earth and you can’t judge him for vocalizing. Statutory warning ! Those could be dark too.

And there’s something about the way Zach enacts while he sings the song. Sure! There is a certain funkiness. Forget about the funkiness, some might find In My Room as a Punch or even below the belt attack for being straightforward in expressing his desire. They might even question what if the song was sung by a female artist , would people applaud the display of courage. At least the part where I live , would definitely have a problem over the matter. My two cents is that a song is a form of expression and every one has the right and it is up to you to decide to listen or not.Hence, give it a listen.

Zach Peccio

Zach Peccio

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