Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

THOT I Told You

by KaJ Loud

KaJ Loud’s THOT I Told you is peppy , loud yet vibrant. Loved the fusion of Rap and R&B music which lifts your mood straight away. The influence of California is pretty much evident and could see him following the footsteps of artists ahead of his time.

KaJ Loud is a much established novice with some noteworthy songs like “Basic” to much of his credibility.
He is funky , free flowing and over the top but he does the job in perfection. THOT I Told You just add on to it. The guy is flashy too.

For me the song is a definite party song and it fits right and serves you right as well. Much easy to vibe and jive to the groovy beats. It seems he intends to become buzzworthy. The actions do speak so.
And he owns every bit of what he does and he does it with flair and you can’t ignore it. I repeat you can not.

THOT I Told You has the potential of making big numbers given his previous work. And you can not ignore the cheesiness written all over the song as well. Plus the diversity shown upon could be a subtle reference to growing up in Vallejo, California.

On an ending note KaJ Loud the buzzworthy artist with funky and a peppy flair is here to say. You will see some hit songs in coming years as he got all the elements to be a commercially viable star singer. Believe me he knows his niche. Kudos KaJ Loud. And that rhymes.

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