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Grab A Seat

by Austin Redmon

Austin Redmon is a professional Singer/Songwriter. And also he is a vegan foodie. He has always mentioned it on his social media. He lives in New York, NY. If we talk about Austin, Austin Redman is a self-made singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Austin’s music, a talented singer and songwriter, is leaving the pack to create a completely original approach to contemporary R&B, and also his voice steals our hearts. Combining spirit, dance-pop, and electronics with 90s classic R&B sounds, Austin’s music will appeal to standby fans such as Usher and Aaliyah, returning to the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

I like to appreciate this awesome soul because his vocal tone can impress us. And also I like his attitude as a singer. Listening to Austin’s music in a smooth, effortless voice is undeniably fun, and the authenticity of Austin’s lyrics makes his record more memorable. Dedicated to bringing real music back into the world of music, Austin, a trained dancer, actor, and sound engineer fill his heart with everything he does.

“Grab A Seat” is Austin Redman’s one of the creative music videos. He has proudly presented his new emerging solo and cover art. He took a long time to get to this point. He used Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap perfectly with this concept. Definitely you will addict to this song. When you listen to this, you can know how talented he is. His voice is captivating and it can captivate us. He has a very clear voice. He also has a good personality and he believes in himself. He worked very hard on this project and pushed it to a new level with his words and tone. This music video will be popular soon, we are waiting.

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