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Better Off Alone

by Plush

‘Plush’ is a female rock band in the USA. They try to bring rock back to the forefront of the music industry. PLUSH consists of four talented women under the age of 21 whose achievements and talents confuse their age. Plush rock band has four members. The women’s rock troupe is led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Moriah Formica. And others are Broke Colucci,Bella perron and Ashley suppa.

Moriah Formica is a talented rock singer and songwriter. Not only that, she can play guitar cleverly. At the age of 16, she auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice”. And she became one of the youngest talented competitors in the show’s history. Although she couldn’t win the competition, She never stops her music journey. That’s why she is now a famous rock singer.

Brooke Colucci is the band drummer. She is known by her moniker Rock Angel. She is a viral performer. She has a huge fan base on social media. And also she has been featured in modern drummer and drum magazine on iHeart radio. Brooke’s talent has even been endorsed on John Lennon’s official Facebook page.

Bella Perron is the band lead guitarist. She is a freshman at Berklee college of music and a guitar virtuoso. Bella adds to the band’s ferocious melodies with amazing backing vocals and no holds barred brand of uncompromising rock.

Ashley Suppa is the bassist in the band. She comes from a very talented musical family. Her talent was quickly noticed by Ace Frehley(Kiss) who requested her skills on backing vocals for his solo album.

One of the songs of Plush band is “Better Off Alone” is a powerful rock song. At the beginning of the song they steal our hearts. It is a good start. Their musical talents are incredible. As well the vocals are powerful and they can sing high pitch cleverly. They write their songs’ lyrics beautifully and meaningfully. Although they sing strongly, their voices are clear. We can understand clearly what they say. These talented super girls work cooperatively. They have lots of shows, because rock music lovers love them.

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