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Blitz Remastered

by Momin Deen

Momin Deen plays 60s vibe indie music. Easily distracted, Momin’s creative process is chaotic. However, his songs are lively and heartfelt. It’s mostly a solo live performance, and Momin now plays with a band called Deans List. The band has brought new life to his musical journey. Now they are releasing new songs as a band and remaking Momin’s solo works.

Featuring a high-powered guitar and an organically drummed line, “Blitz Remastered” is a powerful but emotionally heated rock single by “Momin Deen” that boldly presents the Sightline Heights sound and songwriting style.

The melody and vocal tone are the first elements that actually reach, which carry the main features of the song and reveal the underlying concept in a slightly different way. Later, as the music progressed, the instrument began to take a leading position. The track runs for nearly four minutes, and from a compositional point of view – time is used creatively and the soundtrack is effectively built in a soft rock style.

When the song pops up, the whole thing feels like a consciously created piece of music that has a short lifespan but repeatedly presents enough times to make sure you associate them with an amazing sound. In addition, the drum beat has a certain thickness and strength, it stands out significantly – it feels like it’s filled in the intermission or the entire track, giving it a more refreshing personality. Above all, the melody of the song and the music provided by the lead singer. The lyrics certainly tend to be rocky, but the melody bends in a way that brings that accessible pop touch, allowing the artist to reach a wider audience with their music.

The song feels totally stylish, thoughtfully put together and structured so that it allows you to get lost in the shock, but at the same time distinguish between different moments very clearly. Every musician involved shines their moment, but at the same time, Momin Dean seems to be well-integrated musically, so the sound is very polished. The concept is clear and personal and creates something quite accessible. It works well. Stay with Momin Deen for his freshest creations with his band.

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