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Burning Shiba Coins

by WooBright

“Burning Shiba coins” is a new music video which was released recently by WooBright. WooBright is actually a brother and sister band which comes from Beverly Hills, CA and they produce Fun Pop Techno House style of music for their fans all over the world while electrifying new music.
Their latest single “Burning Shiba Coins” consists of Techno House music. It is a one hour, three minutes and six seconds music video. Its strum of beats play a major role by offering the listeners a music world full of fun. The sounds are layered into this relentless strum of beat. You can play this music not just to listen, but to enjoy the song from the first second itself. As WooBright says, they just do not produce music just to listen, but also to watch, jump, clap, dance and sing along. It is clearly proven when you listen to this music piece. The vocals of the singer is something which is needed to be appreciated. The vocals are rough and clear. They certainly match the concept of the song and they work in tandem with each beat.
The animations of the Shiba dog presented throughout the song also contribute to the song in a perfect manner. It makes the song more captivating and helps to create a unique vibe. Specially the passion for shiba coins is stimulated through this song. So this music piece successfully captures the attention of the shiba Inu community. Thus, it is a cool and amazing production by WooBright.

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