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Je pense à toi

by Damilo

Damilo is back and better than ever with his new release, “Je pense à too”. Damilo’s most famous hits tend to include some kind of unique production touch that blows the minds of music lovers all over the world. In “Je pense à too,” you can get hooked by those opening piano chords and then get lost in the breakdown with percussions and vocals. On top of that, there is Damilo’s powerful vocals, which are heartbreakingly yearning depending on the subject matter. There was never anything showy about it, but the depth contained in a song like “Je pense à too” is undoubtedly remarkable. Moreover, the music of the song is a marvellous construct as well. It sits somewhere on the intersection of hip hop, easily gliding between those styles with Withers as the unflappable guide. The chorus of ‘Je pense à too’ has a stadium, almost anthemic feel to it with huge rock guitar riffs but it’s the stripped back verses that allow us a glimpse into the private world of Damilo. “Je pense à too” is one of the most open, raw and honest tracks that Damilo has ever released, and both sonically and lyrically it highlights the growth of his music over the past few years. It is certainly the best song he has ever released and will be a real highlight on his upcoming album.

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