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Let’s Be Friends

by Russ D

Russ D is a talented artist from Texas. He is not only an indie singer, but also a brilliant songwriter in Texas. He produces songs on tears, laughs, romance and heart breaks which consist of distinctive musical flavors. Russ is also a talented guitar player. He proved it through UpLive which is a popular social media live streaming app. He showed his colors in several singing competitions held through this app and was able to make it to the top 20. After that he became a semifinalist in UpLives world stage singing competition which was judged by Paula Abdul. Not only that, he even received more positive reviews and a “yes vote” from Bryan Abrams who was the former lead singer of the ‘Color Me Badd band’.

“Let’s be friends” is Russ’s newly released single. It is a combination of country, new country and alternative styles of music. The song starts with an enchanting music that is blended with explicit lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful and thoughtful indeed. They arouse the nostalgic memories of the listeners and convey the title of the song in a brilliant manner. Thus we can say that the brilliant song writing by Russ elevates the vocal lines and the structure of the song. The vocals of the singer actually perfectly match the blended styles of music. The vocals are really harmonic and very smooth. They stimulate the intense feelings of the listeners.

So “Let’s be friends” by Russ D offers listeners a relaxing journey. It is an awesome track which is very unique and passionate. This unique and innovative concept presented by the track makes the track more commanding. The way how Russ contributes to this track by playing the guitar is also something which is also to be admired. It makes the song more inspiring. So, “Let’s be friends” which is a five minutes and twenty-seven seconds audio portrayal is a great production done by Russ D.

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