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Calling Out

by Mic Luc

American indie songwriter, musician, and music producer who primarily writes lyrics about pop culture with a variety of topics and expressions of human emotion. Mic Luc has written each song’s music and lyrics and assembled a team of studio talent including excellent engineers and vocalists to bring the piece together. His music crosses and mixes genres, and is not defined by a single genre.

“Calling Out”, This song is about encouraging adults and children across the globe to question our leaders, question the way we do things, and question how we treat each other in our one world. This concept is unique and we must appreciate this.

“Calling Out” is a track that embodies hope and motivation. The music swirls around you in this hypnotic and somewhat unexpected way, resulting in you listening earnestly as the voice wakes up—with those thoughts. Give up on your dreams, and don’t let those around you bring you down. Those ideas really shine bright now. The music and lyrics work so tightly together to give this timeless feel, and regardless of what you think, you know this is an artist who keeps creating, developing, and moving forward. It’s a brilliant quality to have Interesting trivia.

The track is one that gets better the more you listen. Once you are locked; Once something catches your attention, it’s not a song you want to skip past. The music behind the vocals is, first and foremost, of the highest quality; It’s the production, the mixing, the creativity, and on top of that you have these lyrics, not even just the lyrics – the words alone don’t have that much impact, it’s the delivery that matters in music – the performance of these lines and that hook is on point.

Some of the instruments used on this track are quite unusual, so even though the track has a very classic feel – that nostalgia we all crave – there’s a lot that’s brand new about it, which speaks volumes. It’s the kind of track that sets you up for a good time while conjuring up the right kind of mood for summer.

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