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Red October

by Jake L'Armand

“Red October” is the newly released music video by the top-notch artist Jake L’Armand, who was born and raised in Philadelphia. Jake possesses an epic interest in Funk style of music and “Red October” is one of his productions which is a combination of Funk, violin music, Neo Soul, and Neo Funk styles of music. It is a very short piece of music that lasts for just forty four seconds. Even though one could say that a music piece should at least be produced for more than a minute, if you listen to Jake L’Armand’s “Red October”, you will be clear with the fact that an intriguing job can be successfully done in the music field even within a short period of time.
So, this amazing music piece starts off with a combination of drum beats and a stream of music produced by the violin. Selecting a violin and a drum set in order to produce a music piece is a significant feature in this music video. “Red October” gives the audience a kind of a unique vibe. One can listen to this even when engaging in household work, as the beat of the drums in this music piece helps to accelerate the energy levels of the listeners. Specially as “Red October ” is neither a fast track nor a slow track, it is indeed relaxing and is a pleasing music piece.
Moreover, using his own videos of playing the violin and drum set in the main music video adds more color and individuality. Additionally, the manner in which Jake changes the stream of sounds, the beat, and tunes throughout the music video just by using two musical instruments is also something that should be held in high regard. Thus, Jake L’Armand is obviously a skillful artist in the music industry. Perhaps, he is a super star in the funk and violin music field.


Jake L'Armand

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